About Us

A Part of The Lawrence Family, Elder Lawrence second from the left with the red shirt. Elder Lawrence has been used by God many times to bless Freedom Doors Ministries. Last month he blessed us with a building to have church, bible study, and monthly 4th Sunday Fellowship. Sister Lawrence and two of their grandsons. This was taken a few years back at Christmas Church Service December 25,2016.
The Bible Opens All Doors                                                It Is The key

Freedom Doors Ministries is an outreach ministry that provides spiritual encouragement to others. This ministry serves according to Matthew 28:19-20;  1st Cor 13:4-8 including providing individual/family support, transportation, and referrals  assistance for the sick and elderly. 

Freedom Doors Ministries also has a prison pen pal ministry to provide encouragement to men and women who are incarcerated.  

June 9, 2018 at 11:30 am Friends Lunch Held at Talons 2217 Eagle Harbor Parkway Fleming Island, Florida 32003. To reserve a seat for you and your friend call (904)644-7912. Bring a gift for your friend and your friend bring a gift for you. Bring lunch money to pay for your friend lunch and your friend pay for your lunch. Write some things about your friend to share or add to their gift.
Every word of God is pure he is a shield unto them that trust in him. God will keep us safe if we put all of our trust in him alone. We at Freedom Doors Ministries walk by faith and not by sight.

Trust in the Lord with all of our heart and lean not  to our own understanding in all our ways acknowledge him he will direct our path. Be not wise in our own eyes fear him and depart from evil. Proverbs 3:5-7

Choirs - Soloist - Musicians - Preachers are welcome to come and be a part of this great service.

4th Sunday Fellowship Service 

June 27, 2018 at 3:00 pm
1390 Dutton Island Drive
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

Friends Lunch at Talons
Preparing to Exchange Gifts and eat Lunch
it rained and kind of stormed us out but, it was a great fellowship for those who were able to make it. Friends Lunch coming soon again. Note your calendar.
We love our friends and we want to spend time with them because we never no when it may be our last time together.
Talons Rest, is a great place with excellent food ad desserts. The atmosphere is superb and Sara our server was always there on time with everything. He recommendations were super. It rained so all of the golfers came in for food and drinks. The place was crowded and a bit noisy but once we enter our reserved room it was nice and calm. We exchanged gifts, fellow-shipped, and had a wonderful meal. It was much more than expected. The prices were reasonable and the portions were fulfilling. We could not ask for much more. So you want to attend the next Friends Lunch and bring your friend. Each friend bring their friend a gift and buy that friend's lunch. Everyone got a free Jesus in the Morning Radio Tee Shirt. The servers got a Tee Shirt as well. It was a great day even with the storm.