Raising money and using it to pay for groceries to make the Spaghetti Dinners and vans for transportation for those coming next year to help me celebrate 10 years of Jesus in the Morning. I am giving each Spaghetti Dinner to a child or a homeless family. If you buy 2, 3, or more it can feed a family. Many of the Project Children will get a Dinner. The kids there may not have food at home. I wanted to give something to those people in need, for a gift of $10 you can feed lunch or dinner. On October 18, the dinners will be delivered to it’s first Housing Project. You can buy a Dinner for you or you and your family. The food is good and a free drink and cake comes with it. You can buy fresh made lemonade as well. Buy yours for lunch or dinner today. Calling around for better. Prices on the 2 vans.


 Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce

Buttery Corn
Season Green Beans

Garlic Bread


Can Drink  $10

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $2

Southern Green Beans

Garlic Bread