House Services from house to house singing, prayer, preaching, also food. Call today and set up your house church service. Barbara Pittman travels to do these services and each host or hostess invite their own guest to the service. Monday - Sunday services are held at the request of the host or hostess.

Congratulations America on your new President Mr. Donald Trump I pray for a successful four years with this new president and some where along the way he come to God in the fullest for all his leads and guidance. People tends to always want a place to put blame. A president can only do so much it is really left to the people to have what they want in their country. I think most Americans have what they want because they accept any old thing and refuses to come to God. Americans wants God to come to them and no matter what give them blessings while they sin. Impossible. 

September 17, 2017 join us on Jesus in the Morning Radio  Carnaval Cruise to Nassau Bahamas for a fun time. Phone# 1 800 227-6482 Booking # 3vq5d7 Pin#3768 Price $ 229.00 Tax and Port Fees $91.00
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